Apr 27, 2015

Meeting - Poles Celebrating Jewish Life

Erica Lehrer presented jointly with the Polish Jewish Heritage Foundation

This is the second in a series of lectures offered by the PJHF that reviews the wide-spread celebration and memorialization of Jewish life in Poland today.

PLACE: Temple Sinai, 210 Wilson Ave, Toronto
TIME: 8:00 PM
DATE: Wed. April 29, 2015

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Apr 26, 2015

"Yes, this is my father"


German Jewish Food

I joined a German-Jewish group on Facebook even though I have no German Jews in my family. I was surprised by a discussion about the foods their parents brought with them from Germany. We didn't eat any of them in our home.

Jews in Hungary in the 13th Century

From; The Leo Baeck Institute Facebook Group

The first Jewish settlers (German merchants) arrived on the Castle Hill of Buda in the 13th century upon King Béla IV’s invitation to make up for the loss of population caused by the Mongol invasion (1241-42). 

Their houses stood on the western side of today’s Szt. György Square which were pulled down during the construction of the first Royal palace. 

(Image: an illustration of the Castle Hill of Buda, 1493).

Surprised To See Father in Historical Film

From: Vera Meyer on the Jekkes Group on Facebook

I was watching a film about my father's home town of Bielefeld, "Bielefeld Nach Kriegsende", which included amazing historical footage from as early as 1927 and then progressing up through the war years and beyond. 

About 30 minutes into watching it, my dinner plate fell out of my hands and dropped to the floor. There in front of me was my father taking up the whole screen. He was sitting on the street in 1945, as a young soldeir in his American Army uniform, eating his mess. He had come to his home town with his infantry unit to help in its liberation.

Here is a picture of the film, my dad appearing in the film, and a pic of him as a soldier which I used to verify it was really him. The Neue Westfälische Zeitung wrote a big article about the story: Vater in 69 Jahre Alten Film Endeckt.

Film Clips of European Jewish Life in the 1930s


Here is a touching little documentary that expands on one of the Polish segments of the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9PzAlbvA08

Irving Layton's Poem About His Mother

Keine Lazarovitch - https://irvinglayton.wordpress.com/25-2/

I guess I should mention that Layton was a famous Canadian poet. He's been dead so long now that I have to assume that many people don't know him even though he was quite famous when I was in my teens.