Feb 6, 2012

Member Profile - Cheryl Tallan

I happened upon Cheryl Tallan's name in the reference section of a book on Google Books. Here is what it said:
Cheryl Tallan, the daughter of Beckey Lapedes, and her second husband, Sam, recorded her mother in a series of intereviews in 1984.
The interviews are not only a priceless family memento of an extraordinary woman, but also provide insight into women of her era.
One must be careful, however, to note that Becky Lapedes, was an unusually capable woman who made her place among the men from sheer strength of character and intelligence. She was much admired and loved. Becky died in 1993.  
I knew that Cheryl was a member of our society so I googled her and found that she has a number of essays about Jewish women in history online. You can find some here.

Here's another: Jewish Women After the Haskala

Here is the Jewish Publication Society Guide To Jewish Women

The internet is so amazing that I was also able to find pictures of Becky Lapedes on flickr,  snippets of interviews with her and other information. Click here.

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