May 6, 2012

My Mother The Ova Donor

From: Asian women command premium prices for egg donation in U.S. - Los Angeles Times - May 4, 2012

If you're a young Asian woman, donating your eggs to an infertile couple can fetch enough cash to buy a used car or perhaps a semester at college.

Supply and demand have allowed Asian women to command about $10,000 to $20,000 for their eggs, also known as gametes or ova.

Fertility industry experts say there are several reasons Asian eggs are in demand, including a cultural aversion to adoption.

Demand is also high among Jewish couples, many of whom put off having kids to pursue higher education or careers, clinic operators say.

According to a report from the United Jewish Communities, half of Jewish American women have college degrees and 21% have graduate degrees.

They tend to marry later, the survey says, and have lower fertility rates.

"A lot of young women who elect to be egg donors do so for financial reasons," Vorzimer said.

"But many Asian and Jewish donors who are in such high demand are young ladies who do not need that financial compensation.

They are financially secure, so they don't need to donate their eggs to fund a college education or a down payment on a first home."

For Latina, African American and non-Jewish women, the number of willing donors often outstrips demand.

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