May 13, 2012

Documents of a German Jewish Family


This page contains a collection of documents that chronicle the life of "a typical German-Jewish family before and during the Nazi rise to power in Germany."

The family members included Julius Lachmann, his wife Meta Sachs and their son Hans. Click here.

In the 1920's, when Hitler rose to prominence, 566,000 Jews lived in Germany. Some 200,000 German Jews eventually fell victim to the Nazi extermination policy.

Many were saved, mostly by emigrating from the country. The actual number of Jews who managed to flee Germany between 1933 and 1945 was 346,000. This includes 98,000 who emigrated to other European countries, later occupied by the Germans.

Of this latter number, an estimated 70,000 were deported during the German occupation of these other countries. About 137,000 Jews were deported directly from Germany, of whom about 9,000 survived.

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